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For more information about our tours, Raja Ampat, the MV Sea Safari 8, or traveling options, please use the form below or email us directly. 

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Snorkel Vacations LLC

Lee Goldman and Ethan Daniels

469 Bolsa Basin Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89138

Ph: 725 – 500 – 1234

[email protected]


contact us for the trip of a lifetime! Our experience snorkeling in Raja Ampat is unparalleled and we pride ourselves in developing the best snorkeling itineraries. Our choice of snorkel sites is based on the overall plan to expose our guests to the incredible diversity of habitats that can be found in the area. Experiencing different habitats leads to a deeper appreciation for the marine environment, marine organisms, and reef connectivity. That is really our main goal. For the only way we will protect our natural resources is to appreciate and value them. So what are you waiting for? This is an amazing opportunity to visit the world’s best reefs! Contact us today and book your snorkeling trip of a lifetime!