We are not Coral Triangle Adventures!

We are not Coral Triangle Adventures

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All joking aside, we really are not Coral Triangle Adventures. For those who don’t already know, we own both Snorkel Vacations and Coral Triangle Adventures, but we have completely different approaches to each of them.

The main difference between Coral Triangle Adventures and Snorkel Vacations is that CTA offers all-inclusive, high-end accommodations and service tour guided by marine biologists, whereas Snorkel Vacations offers. only the opportunity to be on a live-aboard boat that focuses on snorkeling activities in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The comparison may not be a favorable one for Snorkel Vacations, but there are significant points that actually make Snorkel Vacations the only choice. It comes down to these answers for the current choices available to snorkelers:

Why not join a SCUBA diving live-aboard boat as a snorkeler? There are several reasons why this might not be a great idea for snorkelers. Sites are chosen with SCUBA divers in mind and tend to be deeper, or have current, or may be wavy. And if the snorkeling reef is further away from the dive site the boat may have to bring snorkelers back on the boat for safety reasons while they follow the divers.

What about staying at a resort? A resort is a good option, but for the avid snorkeler, staying at a resort is very limiting in terms of seeing and snorkeling in a variety of habitats, and reefs types. Especially in places like Raja Ampat where there are over 1500 islands in an area spanning 70,000 square miles. Having a live-aboard simply allows greater exposure to all that Raja Ampat has to offer.

How are the prices inexpensive compared to similar trips offered by other tour operators? It’s what we don’t include that makes us special. There are no additional costs associated with group tour leaders, group resort-stays before and after the trip, and expensive travel itineraries. We charter the entire boat, which includes local guides, and offer it to independent traveling snorkelers at fair prices based on the cost of the boat.

Why go with Snorkel Vacations? We have nearly 20 years of combined experience designing snorkeling tours and have personally guided over 50 snorkeling trips in Raja Ampat. We chartered a quality boat, designed and will run a fantastic itinerary that offers snorkelers the best of Raja Ampat, and all at very good prices.